3 strokes prevented using AliveCor

Nikki Holdsworth, AF Project Lead at the AHSN NENC was delighted to present Carol Cook, a Practice Nurse from Dowsett and Overs GP Practice with a bunch of flowers as a ‘thank you’ on behalf of the AHSN NENC, NHSE but most importantly, her patients.  Carol has carried out pulse checks on over 500 patients and single handedly saved about 3 strokes in the few months she has been using her AliveCor device.

The flowers were presented as a reward and recognition of Carol’s work at the Practice Nurse Forum in South Tyneside.

Carol said the following about using AliveCor:

Patients love to see anything visual, it is much more interesting than me sitting there holding their wrist to count their pulse. I use it when ever I see a patient with chronic disease.

Carol Cook


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