Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) innovations 2019 announced

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Patients are set to benefit from more world-leading innovations as part of NHS England’s Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) scheme.

The ITP aims to remove barriers to the spread and adoption of innovative products or technologies (medical devices, digital platforms and technologies), including financial negotiations.  A further set of innovations has been announced building on those offered in the 2018-19 ITP scheme and the ITT scheme before that.

Among the new innovations there is a gel which aims to reduce the side effects for men undergoing radiation treatment for prostate cancer and a test which can be used with clinical judgement and other diagnostic tests to help diagnose suspected pre-eclampsia in pregnant women.

Dr Séamus O’Neill, chair of the AHSN Network, commented: “The AHSNs are pleased to be driving the rollout of the Innovation and Technology Payment programme again this year. This is an important part of our work to increase uptake of proven innovation and reduce variation across the NHS, enabling more patients to benefit faster from new products and services.”


A series of webinars on the new ITP innovations ran throughout June and July 2019 view the ITP 2019 webex presentations here

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