Meet the Team

The AHSN NENC team is made up of an Executive, a Core Team who provide central support, and Programme Managers who lead on our Health Improvement and Patient Safety Programmes.

Find out more about the members of our team below.

Victoria Christie

Intellectual Property and Contracts Manager 

Talk to me about... Patent Applications, IP, Contracts
Email: [email protected]

After attaining an MPhil in Applied Physics, Victoria spent a number of years working as a patent attorney in the North West, London and the North East.  Primary responsibilities included drafting patent applications for the UK and abroad, and prosecuting…

Jody Nichols

Associate Director - Health  

Talk to me about... Health Improvement Programmes
Email: [email protected]

Improving Health Projects, CDRC (Clinical Digital Resource Collobarative), Evaluation and the Innovation Pathway Eco System

Sue Hart

Health Programme Manager 

Talk to me about... Respiratory, Bone Health, Polypharmacy
Email: [email protected]

Sue is a Registered General Nurse, educated to masters’ level and holds numerous qualifications in the management of respiratory disease. She has over 40 years of specialist knowledge and experience within both the NHS and pharmaceutical industry. Sue also works…

Liz Brown

Programme Manager 

Talk to me about... Health Improvement Programmes, Workforce Innovation Programmes
Email: [email protected]

Liz joined the AHSN NENC in November 2018 and has led on several Health Improvement Programmes across different areas, including Medicines Optimisation, Adoption and Spread and Patient Safety across the region, to address specific health and service improvement issues.  One…

Tony Roberts

Patient Safety Lead 

Talk to me about... Patient Safety, measurement, Quality Improvement
Email: [email protected]

Tony has a measurement background, particularly relating to the safety and quality of clinical care. He works out South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the North East Quality Observatory Service (NEQOS) as well his role in the AHSN. He…

Julia Wood

Maternity and Neonatal Safety Improvement Programme Lead for North East and North Cumbria 

Talk to me about... Maternal and Neonatal Programme
Email: [email protected]

Optimisation and stabilisation of the preterm infant, Early recognition and management of deterioration of women and babies, Culture and quality improvement in maternity and neonatal settings

Kate Mackay

CVD Programme Lead 

Talk to me about... CVD Prevention Programme; Lipids and familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH); Hypertension and atrial fibrillation
Email: [email protected]

Kate Mackay has extensive experience of service improvement within the public sector, particularly the NHS, working with both clinicians and managers, at national and local level. Her background prior to service improvement work is research and clinical audit, and her…

Becky Hanna

Programme Manager (NHS Innovations) 

Talk to me about... NHS Trust Innovations, Commercialisation of Ideas, Innovation Forum events
Email: [email protected]

Becky would describe innovation as ‘creative problem solving’, and ‘turning ideas into reality’. At the AHSN NENC she supports NHS Trusts in North-East England to capture innovative ideas from frontline staff, and help turn them into novel products and services…

Phil Cramman

Finance Manager 

Talk to me about... Costings, Finance Reporting, External Projects
Email: [email protected]

I Joined the AHSN in the June of 2019 having previously spent 5 years in the private sector gaining key transactional knowledge and broadening my finance skills. I have played parts in implementing new systems both financial and operational to…

Philip Kyle

Project Manager 

Talk to me about... Q, Meds Op, MSK
Email: [email protected]

Phil joined the AHSN in November 2018 as Project Support with responsibility for Q Community reinvigoration and growth, Supporting MSK, Medicines Optimisation programmes across NENC.Phil has 17 years Military service including active service, 18 years at North East Ambulance Service…

Christine Jordan

Health Network North Manager 

Talk to me about... Health Network North
Email: [email protected]

Christine has recently joined the AHSN NENC as the Health Network North manager responsible for developing and expanding the Health Network North initiative. Christine has significant experience of working at a senior management level in public health both in the…

Nick Harrison


Talk to me about... Market Research and Information
Email: [email protected]

Nick specialises in market research, patent and product research, statistics and statistical analysis, literature reviews and other information services, to inform individuals and organisations and help them bring their innovative products and services to life. Nick joined the AHSN in…

Jordan Hewitt

Project Manager/Pathway Navigator 

Talk to me about... the Innovation Pathway, accessing AHSN NENC support for your innovation, new opportunities
Email: [email protected]

Jordan is one of the AHSN NENC’s Pathway Navigators, working with individuals, NHS organisations and businesses to support them in accessing the AHSN NENC Innovation Pathway. Acting as a point of contact for innovators, Jordan works to guide organisations through…

Anne Richardson

Ageing Well Project Manager 

Talk to me about... Talk to me about the Ageing Well Programme of work; the Regional Ageing Well Network (Community of Practice) and associated l Ageing Well workstreams
Email: [email protected]

Anne is  Ageing Well Project Manager and has supported this programme of work for 4 years.  Her role includes overseeing/managing the work plan; supporting various working groups; overseeing the Frailty iCARE Website CMS and is responsible for drafting grant and…

Emma Reynolds

Project Support Officer - Patient Safety Collaborative 

Talk to me about... OMNIA, Innovation Pathway, National Lipid Optimisation Programme
Email: [email protected]

Emma is an experienced Administrator with a eye for detail which comes from a background of proofreading, minute taking and all things “secretarial”. She joined the AHSN NENC from Newcastle University where she worked for 22 years. As Project Manager…