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EMIS COVID Resources Guide 6 COVID Template Cremation Form and NOID

Shielding Against Coronavirus for both SystmOne and EMIS

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Deferred Treatment Protocol


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Tips 5 Creating Deferred Treatment – EMIS

Familial Hypercholesterolaemia


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Atrial Fibrillation


AF User Guide CDRC SystmOne


Clinical Digital Resource Collaborative (CDRC)

CDRC is a collective resource utilising clinical and digital expertise from a range of organisations across the North East and North Cumbria region (NENC) to develop search templates using both EMIS Web and TTP SystmOne to effectively deliver gold-standard patient care.

A key part of the CDRC and working at a System level involves sharing information and link resource optimisation to deliver the best possible care for patients and making efficiencies across the region; this is also one of the key messages highlighted throughout the Primary Care Digital Care Strategy.

CDRC provides primary care teams with access to safety assessed, quality assured tools and resources from a trusted source which integrate into their organisation’s clinical software and reflect agreed and accepted clinical pathways and best practice.

We have the capability to search our own data without restrictive limitations by ‘how much money we have’, allowing us to ensure equality of care for patients based on need rather than financial restrictions, improve patients’ outcomes and clinical management.

We aim to demonstrate the effectiveness of the CDRC using strong quantitative and qualitative evidence-based case studies. Case finding and screening within the CDRC are already ongoing for, but not limited to Atrial Fibrillation, Diabetes, Hypertension, Familial Hypercholesteremia and Cervical Screening.

Benefits of utilising the CDRC

  • Be more efficient and reduce duplication of efforts as well as reducing unwarranted variation of outputs and business processes.
  • Raise awareness of the regional resources available to GP practices and benefits to the wider platforms outside of primary care.
  • Provides clinical safety and quality assurance via hazard review procedures which are developed by clinicians and reflect accepted clinical pathways and best practice.
  • Through designing and developing resources as a whole system allows standardisation of processes, mandated SNOMED CT codes improves data quality and analysis and interoperability.
  • Free at the point of access for clinical use.

Alignment to National priorities

In line with the NHS Long Term Plan, the North East and North Cumbria aspiring Integrated Care Systems (ICS) brings together local health and care organisations to work on shared priorities. The NENC geographical region is based on the initial Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) footprints identified as part of the NHS Five Year Forward View plan. In this region, the ICS is made up of four Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs).

Partnership working

By informing, engaging and gaining support from stakeholders, as a region we can demonstrate commitment to the ICS goal of sharing information and resources to make efficiencies and deliver better patient care.


Those involved are:

North of England Commissioning Support (NECS),

Derwentside Healthcare GP Federation

Sunderland GP Alliance

CBC Health

Primary Care

Regional CCGs

Northern Cancer Alliance


More information

Please contact us using the details below if you are interested in finding out more about the CDRC:

[email protected]


Further information can also be obtained by accessing the CDRC website

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