Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

The AHSN NENC is delivering the Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prevention programme, part of which includes two national programmes mandated by NHS England and NHS Improvement and in partnership with NHSX. The programme supports CVD Prevention across the North East and North Cumbria with a particular focus on disordered lipids, familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) and hypertension. The other area included in the programme is atrial fibrillation (AF).

Aims of the CVD Prevention Programme

By collaboratively working with partners, we aim to reduce cardiovascular disease for patients, and minimise inequalities within our population.

Our mission is to ensure patients with disordered lipids are detected and treated appropriately; ensure patients with hypertension are appropriately monitored and have their blood pressure and broader cardiovascular risk optimised; and to ensure AF legacy work from the prior national AF Programme is completed. This will be achieved through collaborative working with the regional health and social care system, to reduce inequalities within our population, providing capability and capacity to meet our objectives.


  • Prevention of future cardiovascular events, increasing years of wellness.
  • Supporting PCNs to achieve their DES 2022/23.
  • Supporting ambitions laid out in the NHS Long Term Plan.
  • Increase awareness of patients & clinicians around the common genetic condition, FH.

Programme Delivery

The programme will be delivered in its constituent parts, so for more information on the different elements please click on the appropriate topic in which you are interested.

The programme has a strategy group consisting of key stakeholders from across NENC, who provide support, insight and challenge to enable the programme to be responsive and accountable.


Programme metrics have been developed for lipids and FH and metrics for hypertension are being finalised through consultation with key stakeholders, including national clinical topic experts. Success of the lipids and FH programme, however, will depend both on opportunistic and systematic case finding of eligible patients through innovative and validated CVD search tools, adoption and spread of the child parent screening genetic testing pilot, cascade testing, and robust primary and secondary CVD prevention pathway implementation, all seeking to optimise patient lipid management, regardless of which setting their care is delivered in. The hypertension programme is for 12 months and success will depend upon the approach taken to maximise work within this short timescale.

An oversight into the approved metrics for the national lipid programme was presented to the CVD Prevention Strategy group in March 2021 by NEQOS, who lead on measurement support for the AHSN NENC Population Health Improvement Programmes.

The aim of this presentation was to share preliminary data and contextual information relating to the lipid management metrics, in addition to providing useful links to various tools and resources that are available to support key stakeholders to understand the resource impact for this innovative programme.

Download Metrics Presentation

Visual representation of the work can be seen below.


Resources for Primary Care

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