Blood Pressure Optimisation

As part of the wider Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programme, the AHSN NENC is delivering a new national programme focusing on improving blood pressure and broader cardiovascular disease risk management in people with hypertension.


To help prevent cardiovascular disease including heart attacks, strokes and cases of vascular dementia.

Delivery in the North East and North Cumbria

AHSN NENC will support Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to implement the UCLPartners Proactive Care Framework for hypertension, to optimise clinical care and self-management of people with hypertension. Key activities include:

  • Detection of people with hypertension through case finding interventions (including practice case finding through patient record searches, and models that involve community pharmacists as part of the new hypertension community pharmacy scheme)


  • Where people with hypertension have been identified:
    • Risk stratification to prioritise those who need to be seen by their GP sooner;
    • Use of the wider healthcare workforce to support remote care and self-care;
    • Systems will adapt framework pathways for local implementation;
    • People will be supported to maximise the benefits of remote monitoring and virtual consultations where appropriate.

A key priority of the programme is to reduce health inequalities and we will work actively with our partners, including the new Integrated Care System (ICS) to ensure that activities are focused on areas of higher deprivation and groups of people who are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

For more information about the blood pressure optimisation element of the CVD Prevention Programme contact Karen Verrill.