The Self Testing Own Kidneys (STOK) Study

Dr Jonathan Murray and colleagues at the Renal Unit, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough are working with the AHSN NENC to deliver the STOK Study to evaluate the feasibility, safety and impact of patients self-testing their kidney function at home.

This study will assess whether a group of fifteen participants are able to use hand-held devices to safely and accurately self-test their kidney blood and urine tests in their own homes. Each participant will self-measure these tests at home once per week, for a total of four weeks. On the same days that the participants perform such tests at home, they will also attend the hospital for blood and urine samples to be tested conventionally by healthcare staff and NHS laboratory analysis. The study will then compare participant self-test results at home with those taken conventionally by staff in the hospital, to determine if participant self-testing at home generates results that accurately correlate with NHS standard test results.

The study will also examine how the participants find the experience of using hand-held devices at home – and explore how such a facility may benefit monitoring of their kidney function in real life.  The economic viability of patient self-testing kidney function at home will be assessed through analysis of questionnaires, interviews and economic modelling.

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