Sustainability and the Environment

Recognising climate change’s threat to health, the NHS has become the world’s first healthcare system to commit to reaching carbon net zero by 2040.

The AHSN NENC is working with partners across a range of disciplines to support the delivery of sustainability solutions and share best practice.

The national picture

In October 2020, the NHS released its report Delivering a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service. The report sets out the ambition and plans to reduce the environmental impact of the delivery of health and care services and reach net zero carbon emissions.

The health and care system in England is responsible for an estimated 5% of the country’s carbon footprint. The effects of climate change caused by carbon emissions such as air pollution, increasing allergens, extreme heat, water quality impacts, to name a few, can exacerbate long term conditions and lead to poor mental health.

The NHS has the power to use innovative solutions to tackle existing sustainability issues and concerns. Industry and innovators can also work to consider and build sustainability into innovation concepts and products, to help us work towards net zero carbon emissions.

The role of AHSN NENC

AHSN NENC is uniquely positioned working with industry, academia and the health and care system, regionally and nationally. We are dedicated to support the drive for environmental sustainability at every stage and every level, and support the development and uptake of innovations that support this crucial agenda.

We’re a member of the AHSN Network Environmental Sustainability Community of Interest, The group has been brought together to share best practice and collectively work to solve common issues. We are working on a shared strategy to ensure we maintain momentum and can hold ourselves to account.

AHSN Network Delivering a Net Zero NHS events

The AHSN Network Environmental Sustainability Community of Interest  host a series of sharing and learning events. These aim to share best practice innovations and initiatives to support delivery of a Net Zero NHS. Find out more about these events, and how to register for upcoming events on the AHSN Network website.

Support for your sustainability plan and ambitions

If you are an NHS organisation or innovator and would like to access support, please get in touch or visit our Sustainability Showcase hub. The hub shares best practice and sustainability solutions for you and your organisation.