Sustainability Showcase – for NHS and healthcare

The Sustainability Showcase hub brings together ideas and innovations to drive forward the commitment to become the world’s first net zero NHS.

To meet NHS England’s targets to deliver a net zero national health service, NHS organisations and the wider healthcare ecosystem recognise the need to improve carbon footprint and reduce the environmental impact of services. We’ve created this page to bring together  sustainability information all in one place to support NHS organisations and deliver partners on their mission to achieve this, with an aim to:

  • Promote innovative sustainability solutions that will positively affect the environmental footprint of the NHS via our Innovation Corner.
  • Be a platform to share environmental best practice.
  • Develop pathways and partnerships for business, education and NHS to work collaboratively to develop new sustainable solutions.

Why are we supporting the NHS to become more sustainable?

There is a clear link between taking care of the environment and good health. The NHS represents more than 5% of the UK’S total carbon footprint, around 27 million tonnes of carbon each year. As just one example to put this in to context, air pollution alone contributes to 1 in 20 deaths in the UK and is the number one environmental risk to public health in the UK. Air quality in cities regularly breaches World Health Organisation safe limits – linked to around 40,000 premature deaths a year in the UK and a cost to the economy, and by extension the NHS, of over £20 billion each year. This page addresses such problems facing the NHS, and shares best practice and solutions from others.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol in the context of the NHS

The carbon footprint of the NHS has been categorised in to ‘scopes’ that can been seen in the infographic below. These Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) scopes cover a wide set of emissions, and support international comparison and transparency.



This page will pay particular attention to the elements of the NHS Green Plan that have the most causal effect on the scopes listed above such as Building Energy, Waste, the Greening of the Estates, Journeys and Procurement.

How can we help you?

We want to help our NHS to develop more sustainable solutions for a greener NHS. We regularly update our Innovation Corner with case studies, thought leadership articles and guest blogs from primary and secondary care partners sharing their journey to date. We’ll also share relevant government/industry recommendations and strategies on climate change and an ‘art of the possible’ section to look at any solutions that could be replicated from other industries.

If you’d like to share a sustainability solution or have a focus area you’d like us to showcase, please get in touch. Contact Peter Lillie, Innovation Manager-Energy and Sustainability [email protected]

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