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The Innovation Corner showcases best practice sustainability solutions that are helping to shape a greener NHS.

Below you’ll find case studies, thought leadership articles and guest blogs about the great work that has been done by NHS organisations in the North East and North Cumbria.

If you’d  like to share a sustainability solution or have any focus areas you would like us to showcase please get in touch. Contact Peter Lillie, Innovation Manager – Energy and Sustainability at [email protected]

Case studies

Sustainability Showcase -SmartCarbon Calculator

In June 2019 the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust became the first healthcare organisation in the world to declare a Climate Emergency, recognising that a climate emergency is a health emergency. After a rigorous review of carbon measurement tools, the Trust elected to use the SmartCarbon Calculator to measure and monitor the emissions from its operations. But in order to gain an accurate measure of its total carbon footprint, there was a need to include the carbon emissions from its supply chain that were related to delivering products and services. Read here about how the Trust partnered with SmartCarbon to develop a solution.

If you’d like to share a sustainability solution or have a focus area you’d like us to showcase, please get in touch. Contact Peter Lillie, Innovation Manager-Energy and Sustainability [email protected]

Eco friendly courier delivery scheme

With NHS travel and transport accounting for 3.5% of all UK road traffic, the development of greener transport is critical to reduce harmful emissions, clean up our air, and improve health. In response to Covid-19 and as part of accelerating its Climate Emergency Strategy, Newcastle Hospitals has partnered with ZMOVE to trial an innovative courier delivery scheme, distributing healthcare equipment and pharmaceuticals to patients using electric cargo bikes.

The scheme aims to minimise the environmental impacts of home healthcare deliveries, especially in busy urban and suburban neighbourhoods currently heavily used by courier vehicles. Read the case study here.


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